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The 2007 summer season did not go quite the way head coach Derek Shoe and the Davidson Copperheads had planned.  After getting off to a pretty good start, the Copperheads lost two pitchers from their rotation and then had one of their bullpen guys leave to return home.  "Losing that many arms will hurt anybody," said Shoe.  "After seeing Shane Small in his first two outings, we had very high hopes for him.  He had dominant stuff.  We had hoped to only lose him for a couple of starts, but that turned into the whole summer," Shoe continued.  "Chase Martin from the Citadel was the other starter we lost.  I hate it for him, because he has been down this road before.  Being the type kid he is, I am sure he will be back throwing for them this Spring."  The Copperheads never could quite find the right rotation after losing these guys.  Using a five-man rotation, the Copperheads were forced to use 12 different starters on the season.  The staff was led by starter Kelly McLain from Charlotte.  He was second in the league in strikeouts with 50 while only walking 10.  Andy Oliver from Pfeiffer had a great summer as well going 2-1 with a 3.62 ERA.   Andy was right behind Kelly in the strikeout catagory with 43 on the summer.

Offensively, the Copperheads were led by East Carolina's Devin Harris.  On the summer, he hit .270 with 6 homeruns, 32 RBI's, and had a slugging percentage of .524.  All of these were among the league leaders.  Shortstop Mark Perry and catchers Jerod Faggart and Kevin Farnsworth also had good summers.  Perry and Farnsworth both hit over .300, while leadoff guy Perry was 14-14 in stolen base attempts.  Faggart was at the top of the league in runs scored with 29.  "Offensively, we did some good things this summer.  We wanted to get guys on base and put pressure on the other teams defense.  Despite not having any great runners, we were still able to lead the league in stolen bases and that is a real  tribute to our guys wanting to put pressure on the opposing team," said Shoe.  "There were times where it seemed we just couldn't get that key hit that we needed, but part of that is the guys making the adjustment to wood," Shoe added.

"Overall, I was proud of our guys this summer.  They played hard everynight and they are returning to their university's better than they were when they got here and at the end of the day, thats what summer baseball is all about."

Looking ahead to the 2008 summer, coach Derek Shoe has already signed Anthony Sosnoskie and his brother Buddy Sosnoskie of Virginia Tech.  Anthony was the starting catcher for Virginia Tech last spring.  He hit .280 and only had two passed balls in 37 games.  His brother Buddy is an incoming freshman at Virginia Tech.  Buddy is a two-way guy (LHP/OF/1B).  He is 87-90 off the mound with a plus changeup and a sub-7.0 runner in the outfield.  Both should be assests to Copperheads in the summer of 2008. 

If you are interested in being a host family in the summer of 2008 or interested in sponsoring the Copperheads, please contact Derek Shoe at or at 704-305-3649.